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Product Description

Flat Flex Belt

Flat flex belt is also called Z bend belt, chocolate belt, ladder belt, interlaced wire belt or strip belt. It is an ideal wire conveyor belt for light products transfers and its large open area makes it the most efficient belt for many applications and processes.

Stainless wire belt is made of SUS304 / 316 wire material, formed by mold pressing, normally driven by stainless steel or nylon sprockets, or by roller chains at two sides under special applications. The width is from 15mm to 6000mm. It can be used for both straight running and turning conveyors.

It can be supplied with PTFE coating to obtain a CZPT -stick surface.

Common belt edge finish is Single Loop, Double Loops can reinforce the outside edge of the belt, and wire CZPT for double loops edge is from 1.0mm to 1.2mm.

Product Specifications:

Material SUS304 316 310
Width 150 – 6000mm
Longitudinal Pitch 4 – 20 mm or customized
Wire Diameter 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 mm
Egde Single Loop / Double Loops
Typical Applications Drying, Enrobing, CZPT ering, Cooking, Heating, Sieving

Product Details:

1. Large opening area, maximum maximum Air-Flow Improve Efficiency
2. Fine workmanship, uniform pulling force, flexible running and good stability
3. CZPT resistance to cold shrinkage, oxidation and fracture at negative temperature and high temperature
4. Smallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls
5. CZPT -slip positive drive
6. Reasonable design, compact structure, with a large variety of pitch and wire diameters to choose
7. hygienic design,easy to clean,clean-in-place capability,long lasting

With single layer structure and light weight, it is suitable for many processes in which the product should have as little contact with the conveyor belt as possible, such as:

Food industry: often used in light weight products processing – frying, freezing, heating, cooling, cooking, drying, baking, coating, enrobing and sterilization for desserts, pizza, vegetables, bread, flour cakes, meat, fish, candy, potatoes, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, fruit, etc. Like chocolate enrobing, battering and breading, freezing for seafood processing, frying chickens, cooling wafer after coating, pizza baking.

Electronics industry: printed circuit board required minimum contact support, melting, sold or drying welding.

Caps making industry: drying for drop plastic

Others, like textiles, glass heat treatment, printing and dyeing, radio, scientific research applications.

Product Pictures:

Product Packing:

How to maintain:

The environment where the flat flex belt used is very important. It can be summarized as: dry, clean, lubricated, and related equipment runs well.

The belt should be stored in a dry environment to avoid moisture. Keep the mesh clean, no impurity in the inlet and outlet. Regularly remove dust from the net. CZPT s should be lubricated regularly. During storage and handling, the flat flex belt should be prevented from bumping to avoid damaging the belt.

In addition, we must check the equipment that drives the band. In the course of operation, if the motor is seriously heated, the shell is charged, the switch trips, or can not start, and other phenomena, we should stop immediately to check the motor. After maintenance, the test runs for about 5 minutes, confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon and then we can run it again. At the same time, ensure the voltage stability of CZPT supply facilities is stable and prohibit the operation of lack of phase, CZPT supply lines must be dedicated lines, not CZPT -term use of temporary line CZPT supply.

Good use environment and regular maintenance habits can reduce the maintenance of flat flex belt and its equipment, prolong service life, increase product throughput.

Company View:

Founded in 2001, ZheJiang CZPT CZPT ry CZPT Co., Ltd. is located at town of metal conveyor belt – ZheJiang , CZPT . With workshop covers an area of more than 16,000 square meters, it specialise in R&D, design, production and sale of all kinds conveyor belts and chains. There are more than 10 engineers and 120 employees and workers at CZPT factory now.

Our main products are as followings: Chain driven belts, chain plate belts, roller conveyor, spiral belts, flat wire belts, flat flex belts, eye link belts, sprockets, etc. We can also design, produce and CZPT all kinds of conveyors according to your requirements.

“Good Quality, Best Service” is CZPT principle, welcome friends from all over the world to visit and enquiry.