Escalator Train sales ing Equipment Lab Equipment Cheap Electrical Automatic Trainer for University

Product Description

MR116E Escalator Training Equipment lab equipment electrical automatic trainer for university

I. Equipment overview
The transparent teaching escalator model is suitable for vocational colleges, vocational colleges and elevators technical students to carry out escalator step disassembly, handling and maintenance training. The escalator simulation training device is assembled into escalator truss, stepped pedal system, handrail belt system, traction machine system, equipment gantry, safety inspection system, electrical control and control system, etc. by high-quality square tube welding dense spray.
II. CZPT nical parameters
1. Input CZPT : three-phase four-wire (or three-phase five-wire) AC380V±10%, CZPT frequency 50Hz;
2, working environment: the ambient temperature range is -5 ° C ~ +40 ° C, relative humidity <85% (25 ° C);
3. The whole machine capacity: ≤2.5kVA;
4, the size of the escalator: 3700mm (length) × 850mm (width) × 1500mm (height);
5, lifting height: 500mm;
6, control mode: CZPT FX3U-48MR
7. Safety protection: It has protection grounding, overload, overcurrent and leakage current protection functions, and the safety conforms to national standards.

8, the overall weight: ≤ 400kg
III. Configuration list
No. Name Main technical indicators CZPT tity Unit Remarks
1 Escalator truss Material: CZPT pean standard 4080 aluminum profile 1 set
2 CZPT truss Material: CZPT pean standard 4080 aluminum profile 1 set with ladder guide rail
3 drive host rated voltage: AC380; rated current 3.7A, motor CZPT : 1.5KW; reduction ratio: 30:1, brake voltage DC99V. 1 set with motor, gearbox, brake
4 drive chain pitch: 120mm; 2
5 steps Acrylic sheet 1 set
6 step drive chain acrylic plate 2
7 Tensioning device CZPT s with step sprocket, shaft, tensioning trolley and step chain; 1 set
8 handrails black, rubber 2
9 handrail friction wheel rubber 2
10 handrail guide metal guide rail and rolling bearing nylon guide wheel; 2 sets
11 armrest glass material: plexiglass; thickness: 10mm; 1 set
12 apron board surface material: plexiglass; 1 set

13 control cabinet with programmable PLC or microcomputer control system 1 set
14 Floor board Surface material: plexiglass; 1 set
15 escalator safety switch common safety protection circuit switch 1 set
16 Training tools CZPT use 1 set See the tool list
17 Supporting materials CZPT ctrical schematics include CZPT lines, safety circuits, fault displays, wiring diagrams, etc. The instructions include installation instructions, mechanical maintenance instructions, and user manuals.
IV. List of supporting tools
No. Name Model/Specification CZPT tity Unit
1 tape measure 3m 1
2 Multimeter MF47 type 1
3 Allen key (set) BM-C9 1 set
4 plum blossom combination wrench 10 1
5 plum blossom combination wrench 13 1
6 T-type hex wrench 5mm 1 handle
7 open end wrench 8~10 1

8 open end wrench 12~14 1
9 word through the screwdriver 5 × 75 1
10 cross thread screwdriver 2×75 1
11 Toolbox Medium 1
12 needle nose pliers 6 inch 1
13 diagonal pliers 5 inch 1
14 adjustable wrench 300×36 1
15 steel ruler 300mm 1
Fourth, the training program
1. CZPT gnize the name and function of the structure of the escalator (tensioning device, step, step guide rail, handrail belt, traction chain, comb plate, drive device, etc.).
2. Understand the function, installation position and maintenance of the escalator installation protection device.
3. Basic safe operation and use of escalators;
4. Disassembly and assembly operations of the steps;
5. Adjustment of the comb plate;

6. Adjustment of the tension of the handrail;
7. Adjustment of the tension of the step chain;
8. Adjustment of the drive chain;
9. Adjustment of the brakes;
10. Basic safety knowledge operation and maintenance before maintenance;
11, daily maintenance;
12. Emergency rescue of escalators;
13. Fault finding and elimination of escalator safety loop;
14. Fault finding and elimination of escalator safety monitoring circuit;
15. Fault finding and elimination of escalator CZPT circuit;
16. Fault finding and elimination of escalator control circuit.

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No. Feature Name Details
1 Customer design Yes
2 Warranty 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years according to client requirements
3 Package Plastic film+ carton+ Fine plywood
4 Products standard International didactic equipment standard
5 Application range Educational equipment for university, college, vocational training centers
6 Company philosophy Supply best quality Chinese products to the CZPT schools.
7 Self owned brand Minrry,MR
8 Production time From 10 days to 60 days according to different items

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