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Product Description

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh CZPT Belt
Conveyor Wire Mesh Belt own the resistance to acid,alkali and low high temperature.It owns good conveying function,break resistance as well as anti oxidation

.With professional design and compact form,the stainless steel wire conveyor belt is very easy to install and steadily run without deflection.
Providing creative woven metal wire belting solutions in a variety of industries

 Metal Wire Mesh CZPT Belt Fabrication

  1. – Flat Wire Belt CZPT
  2. – Round Wire Belt CZPT
  3. – Rod Belt CZPT
  4. – Spiral Wire Belt CZPT

Material for wire mesh belt:

  1. Stainless steel 304;
  2. Stainless steel 316;
  3. Stainless steel 310;
  4. High carbon steel;

Other materials.
Application for wire mesh belt:

  1. – Equipment for blanching vegetables and potatoes.  
  2. – Pasteurisation tunnels for the cHangZhou industry and breweries.
  3. – Dryers, fryers and baking ovens for french fries and snacks.
  4. – CZPT and freezing tunnels for potatoes, french fries, vegetables, meat, fish and bakery products.
  5. – CZPT washing and drying tunnels.

Specification for Wire Mesh CZPT Belt 

Typical specification (nominal size)
Specification Weight(kg/m2) Specification Weight(kg/m2)
K2-40-S0-6.0-5.0 15.0 K2- 6- 9-2.0-2.0 16.1
K2-25-30-5.0-5.0 23.7 K2- 10-15-2.0-1.8 7.2
K2-30-40-5.0-4.0 12.7 K2- 6- 9-1.8-1.8 12.6
K2-20-25-5.0-4.0 21.5 K2- 10-15-1.8-1.6 5.6
K2-15-20-4.0-4.0 25.4 K2- 7-10-1.8-1.6 8.7
K2-20-2S-4.0-3.4 14.4 K2- 5- 7-1.6-1.6 12.7
K2-25-30-4.0-3.2 10.4 K2- 8-12-1.6-1.4 5.5
K2-15-20-3.4-3.2 16.0 K2- 5- 7-1.4-1.4 9.3
K2-20-25-3.4-3.0 10.7 K2- 9-13-1.6-1.2 3.9
K2-15-20-3.2-3.0 13.9 K2- 6- 9-1.4-1.2 5.6
K2-10-15-3.2-3.0 21.9 K2- 4- 6-1.2-1.2 8.5
K2-15-20-3.0-2.6 10.6 K2- 6- 9-1.2-1.0 3.8
K2-10-15-2.6-2.6 15.3 K2- 4- 6-1.2-1.0 6.2
K2-15-20-2.6-2.3 8.0 K2- 3- 4-1.0-1.0 8.6
K2-10-15-2.6-2.3 12.3 K2- 4- 6-1.0-0.9 4.7
K2-8-12-2.3-2.3 15.3 K2- 3- 4-1.0-0.9 7.2
K2-12-18-2.3-2.0 7.4 K2- 4- 5-1.0-0.8 4.3
K2-8-12-2.3-2.0 12.1 K2- 3- 4-0.9-0.8 5.5

1. flat flex conveyor belt
.Product Brief Intruction:

 Flat Flex conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that increase productivity, help contain costs and improve your overall product quality, including:
 • The largest proportion of open-mesh area CZPT – up to 86%
• Easy to clean, clean-in-place design
• No-slip, positive drive
• Very low belt mass
• Smallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls
• Positive driven for accurate tracking
• FDA Approved

2. Stainless Steel Herringbone CZPT Belt

Stainless Steel Herringbone CZPT Belt is also called compound balanced belt, it is a variation of balanced weave belt, right hand and left hand weave forms a very dense and smooth belt with most rod straight and some crimped. The belt is perfect to convey small products because of high dense mesh, such as nuts, bolts, screw, nail, cookies, chemical grain etc.

1. Positive drive, smooth running;
2. Little pressure on wire mesh fabric;
3. Stands temperature from -55 oC to 1150 oC;
4. Side guard and flight are CZPT ;
5.Material:carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, high temperature steel

3.Chain CZPT Belt CZPT Steel Wire Mesh CZPT Belt

Chain CZPT Belt CZPT Steel Mesh CZPT Belt type with many mesh design, which can be used in almost every manufacturing industry. Straight-running operation, excellent strength to weight ratio and a wide variety of mesh specifications to suit certain individual application, like quick frozen tunnel, IQF, quick freezer, blast freezer.

Chain driven belt is driven by a cross rod which connects the chain strands by either passing through or under the wire mesh.

Main advantage:
1. Stable running, flexible conveying
2. acid / alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance
3. low and high temperature resistance
4. easy to install, steadily run without deflection

Drive: Friction CZPT / Positive-Drive(sprockets) / Side Chain

othe type wire mesh belt: