Fruit and Vegetable Custom Air Bubble Washing Cl wholesaler eaning Machine

Product Description

Fruit and Vegetable Air Bubble Washing CZPT ing CZPT

1. Overview
The equipment box is in the form of built in net box structure in the sink.
The conveyor belt is used for the transportation of cleaning raw materials and can be continuously transported to the next process.
The conveyor belt adopts stainless steel mesh belt and is equipped with scraping plate, which is convenient for lifting and separating water from material.
The conveyor belt is equipped with stainless steel chain and track for easy operation.
The box has built-in bubble pipe, and one end is connected with the high-pressure air pump.
The outlet is equipped with spray pipe to carry on the CZPT ary cleaning to the material.
The bottom of the box is a ladder bottom. Equipped with inlet, overflow port, sewage valve and other devices.
Motor sprocket and other transmission parts are equipped with stainless steel shield.

2. Characteristics
The main body is made of sus304 stainless steel plate, and the frame is made of sus304 stainless steel pipe, safety and hygiene.
The input and output mode is continuous, which is convenient for the connection of equipment and continuous production.
Equipped with bubble generating device, make the material roll, constantly impact on the material, speed up the separation of material and sundries.
The bottom is equipped with casters, adaptable to uneven ground.
Box circular arc angle design, no dead angle cleaning, easy to clean and hygienic.
The wind pump uses the well-known brand, durable.
Rapidly adjustable overflow outlet, convenient and quick to adjust water level.
The motor adopts stepless governor to adjust the running speed of conveyor belt according to the production needs.
The outlet is provided with a water receiving plate, which can recover the leached water into the water receiving tank.
The box body is equipped with sewage discharge valve, which is convenient for sewage discharge and disassembly and assembly.
The feed port of the box body is equipped with pushing spray flushing pipe to avoid the accumulation of materials.
The equipment is equipped with sanitary pump to facilitate the provision of CZPT ary spray water.

3. Application range
Suitable for cleaning and handling surface impurities of food materials (stem, leafy vegetables, fruits, and corm materials, etc.).
Areas covered include: Vegetable processing, fruit processing, beverage industry, canned industry, agricultural products processing and other fields

4. Options
Bubble cleaning + Spray CZPT ary cleaning +Steam line

5. CZPT nical specifications

Model ZYGQ-400
Dimension 4200*1270*1500mm
Conveyor belt width 800mm
Input and output height 800mm
Chain pitch 38.1mm
Scraper spacing 300mm
Scraper height 80mm
Power supply 3 phase 380V 50Hz
Power  4.1kW

6. Detailed images