Ful Cheap ly Automatic Stretch Film Wrapping Rotary Arm Pa shop llet Wrapping Machine

Product Description

Stretch film wrapping machine
1, project introduction:
The conveying roller will transport the pallet of products
to the location of rotary wrapping machine, automatically start wrapping till to finish packing .and then film is cut automatically, after it, the pallets will be transported by conveying rollers. The procedure of next will be alike.

2, main technical data
2.1 technical date:
Pallet size: 2200×1500mm
Packing capacity:20 pallet/h
Requirement for packing: from one-third of 15cm pallet to the overtop of the load but not exceed 15cm.
Site: Indoor and proper temperature zoon.
Rotary speed: 15rpm(max)
2.2,packing material 
Stretch film:3 inched diameter of the core,500mm in width, the diameter of the film is 260mm, film thickness:20-35μm
2.3, site preparation
Compressed air source:
pressure: 0.5-0.7 MPa
quality: no oil and water CZPT supply
Main CZPT : 380v(+/- 10%)/3 phase/50Hz(+/- 1Hz)
Power capacity: ≈3kw

3, supply range
3.1 CZPT matic online turntable film wrapping machine(1 set)
3.1.1 Turntable arm driving system(1set )
Motor & inverter, speed adjusted, and brake.
Turntable speed motor: SEW   
Power: P=1.1KW  
Turntable speed:n=10-15rpm(speed adjusted and brake)
3.1.2 film carriage parts(1set)
Carriage lifting driving by chains, stable.
Carriage lifting motor:
Access door for film thread: patent
Ratio of pre-strech1:1 : 2.5
Motor CZPT : 0.37kw
Lifting motor: SEW
3.1.3 safety guard fixture(1set)
There is a safety guard railing around the auto film attached and cut, when sb go into this area, the machine will stop working 
Size of safety guard( standard by the drawing)
Ladder equipped with a machine for maintenance 
There is a safety guard on the top also
3.1.4 film carriage (1 set)
Photoeye set for height measurement.
AC motor driving
AC motor CZPT capacity:0.37KW
Pre stretch1:1:2.5,film feed speed adjusted
Approaching switch will work for motor driving if there is no film break
3.1.5 CZPT film attached and cut (1 set)
Pneumatic  system: SMC
3.2 Conveying roller (1 set)
capacity:    2000Kg
conveying speed:   10-15 m/min (can be incorporated with yours)
width of conveying machine: 1500mm
height of conveying machine: 500mm
Motor: SEW 0.75kw
Conveying back selected manually
Diameter of roller :Φ76mm
Distance between roller by roller:119mm conveying chains 10A  sprocket gear Z=20
Treatment of surface of roller:zinc-coated steel 
3.3 electrical system
PLC control, counts of wrapping can be set ;
Simens touch screen;
Photo-eye, automatic sensor height of load;
Bearing gear supply;
Man-machine interface;
Film carriage speed, film feeding speed can be adjusted and film breaking alarm.
Automatic and manual operation.
Alarm lamp indication

main electrical parts and spare parts

Touch screen SIEMENS
inverter SIEMENS
photo-eye Panasonic
connector Schneider
Cylinder Festo
electromagnetic valve Festo
limit switch Omron D4D series
conveying roller SEW
turntable motor SEW
conveying motor SEW
carriage lifting motor SEW