Price o sales f Small Stainless Steel C manufacturer onveyor Belt for Textile Industry

Product Description

Product Description

Flat flex conveyor belt is the simplest type among all type of steel mesh conveyor belt. The materials of flat flex conveyor belt are stainless steel, high carbon steel, galvanized steel and other steel wires.

Flat flex conveyor belt is constructed by several loop wires and then be formed different edge. The simple structure make it economical and lightweight. It can help to save cost and reduce downtime.

Flat flex belt: also called ladder belt or flat line belt, always driven by sprockets, has good air permeability, tensile force uniform, fine workmanship, flat flex belt has characteristics of flexible rotation good stability, high temperature resistance,pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, CZPT service life.


stainless steel flat flex belt conveyor mesh belt


stainless steel 304 wire,low carbon steel wire

wire diameter(No.2)


chain pitch (No.1)


spiral pitch(No.3)


opening number 


roll wide



We are insisting that quality is the best for CZPT ers and it is the key point of cooperation. We must deliver the best quality steel mesh conveyor belt to CZPT CZPT ers.We have strict test process, all the products should be test in the test department according to the international standard and industrial standard.

Detailed Photos

Three types of flat flex conveyor belt edge
The flat flex conveyor belt can be formed into different edge types, which can suit different equipment and driven types. You can choose the perfect one suit for you

Driven type of flat flex conveyor belt
The flat flex conveyor belt has different driven method. The common is idler, chain links and other driven methods are CZPT .


Widely used in Food , Baking , CZPT ering , Breading ,Cooling , Enrobing , Freezing , Frying , Washing , Drying etc.



stainless steel chain
gears(sprocket )
nylon sprocket

Packaging & CZPT

Inside by plastic film,by crate finaly



Features of flat flex conveyor belt

  • Large open area.
  • Economical.
  • Lightweight.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Easy to clean and save maintenance cost.
  • Durable and CZPT lifespan.
  • Different edges for choice.
  • Barriers can be added onto the belts.
  • Chain link and other driven types.
  • Curved rod network belt to suit different machines.