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Product Description

Socket welding flange refers to the flange where the end of the pipe is inserted into the flange ring ladder and welded on the end and outside of the pipe. There are two types with neck and without neck. The flange with neck tube has good rigidity, small welding deformation and good sealing performance. It can be used in occasions with a pressure of 1.0 to 10.0 MPa. Type B flanges for containers also belong to socket welding flanges, which are used in occasions with higher sealing requirements. When designing, the socket welding flange can be checked according to the integral flange

Sealing surface form:

Raised surface (RF), concave-convex surface (MFM), tongue and groove surface (TG), ring connection surface (RJ)

Application scope:

Boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, stamping elbow food and other industries.

It is often used in pipelines with PN≤10.0MPa and DN≤40.

HXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CENTURY CZPT TECH CO.,LTD.,mainly produces heat-resistant steel casting, wear-resistant steel casting, corrosion-resistant steel casting,
sand casting, centrifugal casting, precision casting, forging, riveting and welding production, machining, heat treatment, final assembly, etc.
Our workshops are equipped with CZPT modern processing equipment, static casting has the production capacity of single castings from 0.5Kg to 8000Kg;
silica sol casting has the production capacity of single castings from 0.05Kg to 500Kg; the production capacity of centrifugal casting is from φ50-φ1600,
and the forging workshop has forging orders The capacity of pieces is 5000Kg; it can be produced according to user’s technical requirements.

In order to ensure the excellent performance of the product, it is equipped with complete testing methods such as desktop spectrometer, portable spectrometer,
 pendulum impact machine, CZPT -destructive testing, large-scale water pump test bench, etc.
 The company’s physical and chemical laboratory can accurately test C, S, P, Cr at any time , Ni, Si, Mn, W, Mo, V, N and other 24 kinds of elements,
and can carry out a variety of tests such as mechanical properties, physical properties, and auxiliary products. CZPT testing methods, quality assurance, and system standardization.

Our company’s products are widely used in heat treatment, metallurgical equipment, CZPT equipment, mining equipment, petrochemical equipment, etc.
The main products are:
Furnace accessories: casting tray, cast baskets, casting fixtures, fan wheel, chain belt, muffle tank, heat exchanger, etc.
Sink rollers, stabilizing rollers, support rollers, support arms, cobalt bushes and sleeves for hot-dip galvanizing production lines.
Bottom rollers, radiant tubes, etc. for heat treatment furnaces in plate plants.
Water beam for the roller conveyor (cantilever roller) of the rolling mill walking furnace; the water beam slider for the furnace door, furnace door frame, and steel pushing furnace.

Petrochemical castings, high-temperature alloy furnace tubes, conversion tubes, cracking tubes, cast tube sheets, tube racks, etc.
Heat-resistant steel components used in the sintered pellet production line: such as chain links, grate plates, sprockets, shovel plates, side plates, small shafts, etc.
Calender rolls, flat drawing rolls, turning rolls, annealing furnace bottom rolls, cobalt alloy spinner discs, etc.
The roller ring furnace bottom roller used in the silicon steel plate line, W, U, I type radiant tube.
Cantilever rolls, air-cooled rolls, alignment rolls, spinning guide rolls, etc. for rods and wires.
Continuous annealing for steel pipe factory: hearth roll, straightening roll, sizing roll, two-roll cold rolling die, mandrel, guide plate, piercer roll, etc.

The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Sincere Service, Concentrating CZPT ers”
and the quality policy of “pursuing a high starting point, creating zero defects, and satisfying CZPT ers.”