SU near me S304/SUS316/SUS310 Wire Mesh Belt for Fo shop od Dries Drying and Conveyor

Product Description

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. HangZhoug Wire Mesh Products Co., LTD manufacture different type stainless steel wire mesh belt

The different kind of belts include Balanced Belts, Double Balanced belts, Gratex Belts, Duplex Belts, Compound Balanced Belts, Flat Wire Belts and Flat Flex Belts. These belts are specially manufactured in spring steel, galvanized, stainless steel material etc. The size of the belt can be CZPT ized within the maximum range possible, kindly refer to specifications below.

Typical Applications:

In food processing, these belts are used in washing, baking, de-watering, blanching, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing and de-palletizing.

In glass & ceramics, this finds wide use in firing decorating, enameling and annealing, and for curing fibre glass. In electronics, this can be used for glass-to-metal sealing, thick-film firing and drying of printed circuit boards. In metal working, the range is from general conveying to heat-treating, quenching, calcining, annealing and related processes.

Conveyor belts are made by wire or metal strap, in different linked shapes and form a flat weave, load bearing, flexible. The size and thickness is CZPT as per specification.

according to diffferent hole type, the wire mesh belt are divided into below type:

1. Flat-Flex conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that increase productivity, help contain costs and improve your overall product quality, including:

Feature :

  1. The largest proportion of open-mesh area CZPT – up to 86%
  2. Easy to clean, clean-in-place design
  3. No-slip, positive drive
  4. Very low belt mass
  5. Smallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls
  6. Positive driven for accurate tracking
  7. USDA Accepted

Material: the standard is 304 stainless steel. CZPT materials CZPT include: 302 stainless steel , 310s stainless steel , 316 stainless steel, CZPT carbon steel, and high temperature performance materials.

Flat-Flex is an CZPT option for most Flat-Flex belts. This technology eliminates the possibility of the belt edge catching and tangling.

reference flat flex belt speicification 

                                       size  material typle space *section rod ptich(mm) wire  dia price(usd)
length20m xwid0.613m ss304 wings(4.5mm*2) 67*9 10 1.6 27/meter
length20m x width0.613mm ss304 wings(9.5mm*2) 85*7 14.5 2.5 28/meter
length20m xwid0.214mm ss304 wing5.5mm 66.5*3 9.5 1.6 18/ meter

The predominant choice in the conveyor belt industry. It is CZPT most versatile belt used in a variety industries. Balanced weave belts are a series of left and right hand wire mesh spirals joined by a connecting rod or crimped rod. These belts can be made from different alloys such as 304ss and 316ss. Some balanced weave belts are positively driven by a sprocket or a pinroll. Balanced weave belts can be manufactured to match new or existing pinrolls and are CZPT in a wide range of specifications

3.Stainless Steel Herringbone CZPT Belt

Stainless Steel Herringbone CZPT Belt is also called compound balanced belt, it is a variation of balanced weave belt, right hand and left hand weave forms a very dense and smooth belt with most rod straight and some crimped. The belt is perfect to convey small products because of high dense mesh, such as nuts, bolts, screw, nail, cookies, chemical grain etc.

1. Positive drive, smooth running;

2. Little pressure on wire mesh fabric;

3. Stands temperature from -55 oC to 1150 oC;

4. Side guard and flight are CZPT ;

5.Material:carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, high temperature steel etc.


other type wire mesh belt :